Nowadays, the presence of any brand, company, person, product and service that is present on the Internet is subject to the online reputation that your potential customers perceive from it.

From the search for opinions to a specific niche of services, to debates on concrete models of products, opinions of services, companies, brands, etc.

We are all subject to online reputation, and of course also our brand.

We measure, monitor and analyze opinions on the Internet thanks to the most advanced tools and techniques for semantic analysis that determine and analyze the intentions of our users.

The management of brand reputation on the Internet is based on being able to intervene in the opinions of customers through weak or anonymous nodes. Thus. We can eliminate the Google visibility of negative entries, smear suggestions or drawbacks of the Google Suggest system (Google Suggestions) or simply currents of opinion in social networks that can cause reputational crisis for our brand.

Based on the information available, we take the initiative and create a positive online reputation through the use of blogs, professional profiles, social networks and microblogging: We generate interesting content and we get it to the people who are interested.

What do we do

-Elimination of negative search results.

– Management of customer service departments and services of FAQs, blogs and corporate communities

– Corporate digital identity management (reputation management or digital brand management)

Methodology of our agency ORM

-Debug methodology based on the analysis and monitoring of opinions in Google

-Making appropriate decisions for each case

Interventions on different environments on the basis of decisions taken

-Return to monitoring to measure the results of the interventions performed

-Effects on sales, leads, etc. And valuation of KPIs and returns of reputation management

We are excellent at many online reputation monitoring services as well as online reputation management services derived from Google’s search results, Google tips and related searches.

We have the sole purpose of making your business more successful.

If you want a professional presence on the Internet and grow your business then contact the experts. At smdstech, we are here to help.

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